My Mathematics Pages

Welcome to my mathematics pages. I am putting together some good reference pages on various topics of mathematics. Some of the information here are my discoveries, while most of it are just topics that I found interesting. Use the navigation on the left side to peruse through the site. As of September 12, 2009, I don't have many pages created yet. I'm slowly converting my Word documents to HTML.

Currently, this site uses equations rendered by CodeCogs Engineering, a free service that allows you to include equations in your pages. Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled and your internet connection is active. I'm looking for a better alternative to displaying equations. There are three methods that I know:

  • Using images such as GIF
  • LaTex
  • MathML

Converting to images would take too long. While Firefox offers built-in support, MathML is not supported by Internet Explorer yet. MathML is also too cumbersome to use. And I haven't found a method to use LaTeX equations except for CodeCogs solutions. Until then, that's the method I've chosen.

The site also uses JavaScripts from Please visit for free, original DHTML scripts an d components. I thank these sites for their free services.

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