Vachanamrut Essence

This page captures the essence of the Vachanamrut as bulleted points in English. At the time the BAPS Vachanamrut Study App was released, the English translation of the “sar” was unavailable. Hence, I have translated the “sar” or essence of the Vachanamrut and have presented it here.

The style of the essence is the same as the Gujarati version. The language convention and words used are the same as the English translation. For example, “દેશકાળાદિક આઠ” has been kept as the “eight factors of influence”. “મોક્ષ, કલ્યાણ...” has been translated as “liberation.” Some words have been kept as the Gujarati transliteration; for example, vasana, jiva, ishwar, etc. In some cases, words have been clarified in square brackets for clarity.



Gadhada I (78)

Sarangpur (18)

Kariyani (12)

Loya (18)

Panchala (7)

Gadhada II (67)

Vartal (20)

Amdavad (3)

Gadhada III (39)


Additional (11)


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Vachanamrut Essence

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