Vachanamrut Essence

Gadhadā III-39

  1. Māyā is nothing but the sense of I-ness towards the body and my-ness towards anything related to the body.
  2. It is the principle of all of the scriptures that one should eradicate māyā and develop love for God.
  3. Understanding of ātmā-realisation:
  1. If it is firm, then one does not engage in perceiving faults in anyone.
  2. Ātmā is full of consciousness.
  3. The ātmā has experienced death in countless ways, yet it has not perished.
  1. Greatness of God:
  1. He is the Lord of the lords of countless brahmānds.
  2. His bliss is extremely rare, extremely divine, imperishable, and eternal.
  3. Even the great such as Brahmā, Shiv, etc., apply the dust of God’s holy feet upon their heads.
  4. He possesses innumerable skills.
  5. Only God is like God.
  1. By understanding greatness as such:
  1. One develops vairāgya towards all objects other than God.
  2. One develops affection for God.
  1. The gnān of ātmā and greatness of God:
  1. One should apply it within one’s mind with great fervour.
  2. Just as the vishalyakarani herbal medicine removes the arrows that has pierced one’s body, similarly, with this gnān, desire to indulge in vishays is removed.
  3. This can only be understood by those who are godly but not by those who are demonic.
  1. Shriji Mahārāj speaks for the sake of revealing the ideals of a devotee:
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