Vachanamrut Essence

Gadhadā I-28

  1. One who is likely regress in Satsang:
  1. Vicious desires steadily flourish within him.
  2. Perceives flaws in all satsangis.
  3. Feels that all of satsangis lack understanding and considers himself superior to all.
  4. Smoulders like a half-burnt log.
  5. His anger never subsides.
  1. One who is likely to progress in Satsang:
  1. Pure desires steadily flourish within him.
  2. Perceives virtues in all satsangis.
  3. Views all satsangis to be superior to him and considers himself insignificant.
  4. Experiences bliss 24 hours a day in his heart.
  5. The more he practises satsang, he attains profound greatness.
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