Vachanamrut Essence

Gadhadā I-30

  1. The reason for thoughts leaving a lasting impression is the influence of the gunas:
  1. When tamogun is predominant, a state similar to that of deep sleep is induced; and thoughts occurring in this state do not leave a lasting impression.
  2. When sattvagun prevails, thoughts that occur can be dispelled by contemplation and do not leave a lasting impression.
  3. Thoughts that arise when rajogun is prevalent leave a lasting impression in the mind.
  1. Means to eradicate disturbing thoughts:
  1. Recognising which guna is predominant at a particular time and remaining aware of one’s thoughts.
  2. Reflecting on and imbibing the discourses of satsang.
  3. Sincerely practicing satsang by thought, word, and deed.
  1. When one becomes free from all doubts, one is able to continuously concentrate on the form of God.



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