If you cannot read the Gujarati text on these pages, you will need the Shruti font. This font is available in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. You may have to install Indic language support. You can also download the font from Sandesh online news site.


The prospect of typing in Gujarati may not have crossed your mind, especially if you speak Gujarati but do not know how to read and write. This makes typing in Gujarati out of the question. However, it's easier than it seems. I learned the basics of Gujarati at a young age despite that I didn't understand the grammar rules very well. As I learned how to type, I learned some rules and became more and more familiar with the exotic characters of Gujarati. What may seem daunting is really not. This multi-page tutorial walks you through methods of typing in Gujarati. It is not meant to be a thorough tutorial; but it is a quick summary of different methods. However, if you know the basics of Gujarati, I do offer the easiest way to type in Gujarati (on an English keyboard layout) at the end which requires no special skills. You will not need character code pages or click buttons to insert characters. You will be able to type anything using just the keys you're familiar with.

We know how to speak English, read and write English, and type English. Shouldn't we learn all these for your mother tongue as well? If you have children who are learning Gujarati, teaching them to type at a young age will ensure their proficiency in the language.

  1. Read and understand basic Gujarati. Although the tutorial is not about learning Gujarati, you might even learn a few things while you read through it.
  2. Windows XP, Vista, on 7

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  1. Types of Gujarati Fonts

    An overview of the types of Gujarati fonts available.

  2. Macro-assigned Buttons

    Though not the most efficient method, macros can make it easier to type special characters for non-Unicode fonts.

  3. System Integration

    Unicode fonts allow the Gujarati language to be integrated into the system, enabling searching filenames, file contents, and the web in Gujarati.

  4. Unicode Standard and Unicode Fonts

    Explanation of Unicode standard and Unicode font mappings.

  5. Gujarati Transliteration

    Online and offline transliteration tools for typing in Gujarati phonetically.

  6. Gujarati Keyboard Layout and Unicode Fonts

    How the Gujarati keyboard layout and Unicode fonts work together to type in Gujarati.

  7. My Custom Gujarati Keyboard Layout

    My remapped Gujarati keyboard layout makes typing in Gujarati the most efficient method by phonetic placement of the consonants.

  8. Download and Installation

    Learn how to install Gujarati regional settings and my custom Gujarati keyboard layout.

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