Pharmacy Calculator

by Pritesh Patel, PharmD

Patient Parameters
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Adjusted weight = ? kg
Creatinine Clearance
Serum Creatinine mg/dL

Cockroft-Gault Estimation =
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Jelliffe Estimation =
? mL/min

Body-surface Area

BSA = ? m2

Low Albumin Correction
Lab phenytoin  
Lab calcium  

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Corrected Ca++ = ?
Temperature Conversion
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Iron dextran dosing
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Weight kg
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   Lean weight = ? kg
   Dosing weight = ?
Current Hemoglobin  
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Dose (in mg) = ? mg

The calculations provided on this page are based on the principles and equations of pharmacokinetics. The results from these calculations should not replace the clinical judgment of the practitioner. This site assumes no responsibility for injudicious interpretation of calculations.