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Welcome to Online Swamini Vato. This site contains the text of all 7 prakarans of Swamini Vato and the footnotes in Unicode Gujarati, Hakikrishna Gujarati, and English trasnliteration. The English translation is also available, including footnotes, for the Vato that have been translated.

Almost all of the features should be working, however. If you notice any bugs, please do not hesitate to send me feedback as I might not know what isn't working.

Vato Selection

Vat number: You can find and select Vato based on the published Swamini Vato - by Prakaran and Vat number. Another way display them is to select "Vat length" to display them from shortest to longest. You can display 5, 10, 20, or 25 at a time. Use the settings icon Settings to display the options.

Categories: You can now find the Vato based on the categories as defined in the English translation.


You can search the Vato text using English or Unicode Gujarati input. Use "Keyword" search if you are unsure of the exact words. Use "Exact" if you know the exact phrase you want to search.

For "Keyword" search, the results are displayed by relevancy of the search query.

For "Exact" search, the results are displayed by prakaran, then by Vat number.

The search in the selection menu on the left uses the site's built-in search. If you rather use Google search, please go here: Google Search and Index. Please note that Google search only provides results on pages that are indexed. If a page that includes the Vat you are searching for isn't indexed, it will not show in the result. I cannot know which pages have or have not been indexed by Google.


Bookmarking Vato has been made extremely easy. Once you have found the Vato(s) to display, click on the bookmark icon. The URL will change to a bookmark-able URL that will dispaly the Vato(s) without having to select them. You need to bookmark this URL in your browser.

Language and Font

This site has 3 options for selecting and displaying Vato text: Unicode Gujarati, Harikrishna Gujarati, and English transliteration. You can easily switch between the 3 options by clicking on the respective icons at the top.

  1. Unicode Gujarati - the text was typed in Unicode Gujarati, which is viewable in most popular operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions. If you cannot view the Unicode Gujarati text, see All about Gujarati Typing for information on how to install Gujarati language support.
  2. Harikrishna Gujarati - this text is in non-Unicode format using the popular Harikrishna font. Although I'm not in favor of non-Unicode text as Unicode is superior, I've include this text using my Unicode to non-Unicode conversion tool. This option is best suited for mobile devices that do not support Unicode Gujarati yet.
  3. English translation - the English translation is being added.
  4. English transliteration - the English text was generated using my Unicode Gujarati to English transliteration tool. The tool is not flawless and I have not paid attention to the accuracy of the conversion since my main focus has been to provide the text in Gujarati.

Vat Selection

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