Autoplay Audio in Chrome

Anirdesh has been providing audio music for some time now. With the addition of Purushottam Prakash, Hari Smruti, and Bhaktachintamani audio, which are several tracks played in sequence, some users have expressed requests to be able to play these in sequence automatically, without any user input.

Playing audio automatically is beneficial when you want continuous play. However, it can also be detrimental when you are playing on a mobile device with a metered connection. Because media files can use your data, Google has disabled autoplay of media in Chrome for Android (desktop version still allows autoplay) and perhaps iOS.

Autoplay seems to work for mobile versions of Microsoft Edge and Firefox without any user action. However, for Chrome, the user must actively change browser settings in order for autoplay to work. The web page itself cannot modify user settings due to security policy.

Visitors must understand that on meteted connections, you will incur data usage. Please note that changing browser settings may have undesired effects. You are responsible for following instructions carefully and the effects of changes you make.

First, in your mobile device, navigate to chrome://flags by typing it in the URL bar.

Next, search for Autoplay in the search bar on that page.

You will see Autoplay policy in the results. Note that I have already changed the policy to No user gesture is required. This is the setting you need to change by touching the dropdown.

Lastly, restart your Chrome browser. You may need to kill the process and restart before changes take effect (even if the Chrome asks you to restart).

ગ્રંથ પુરુષોત્તમપ્રકાશ ♬ પ્રકાશ સાર સ્નેહગીતા વચનવિધિ સારસિદ્ધિ ભક્તિનિધિ હૃદયપ્રકાશ હરિસ્મૃતિ ♬ ધીરજાખ્યાન મનગંજન કલ્યાણ નિર્ણય અવતાર ચિંતામણિ