Download the Gujarati and Unicode Tabs Template

The Gujarati and Unicode Tabs are actually a modified Normal.dotm template for Microsoft Word. You can download the template for Word 2007 and Word 2010 from the links below. I also have a simplified template for word 2003 that uses the Toolbars instead. to install, you have to replace the default Normal.dotm with this one. The instuction are found here: How to Install.

Microsoft Office Word 2003 Gujarati Toolbars

Normal.dotm template v1.1 for Microsoft Office Word 2003 Download for Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Gujarati Tab v 3.0

This template is for Word 2007. Although it works in Word 2010, it will display "Compatibility Mode" on the title bar.

Normal.dotm for Word 2007
Normal.dotm for Microsoft Office 2007 Download Normal.dotm for Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2010 Gujarati Tab v 3.5

Download and rename to Normal.dotm. Then install as per instructions. This is compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 and will NOT work with Word 2007. Version 3.5 includes both the Unicode Tab and Gujarati Tab.

Normal.dotm for Word 2010
Normal.dotm for Microsoft Office 2010 Download Normal.dotm for Microsoft Office 2010