Swabhavik Cheshta

Along with daily puja, arti, and thal, singing cheshta prior to sleep is an integral part of a satsangi’s daily routine (ahnik). As according to the third Vachanamrut, remembering the divine incidents of God not only brings peace to one’s mind, it can be a cause of one’s liberation. Practically, it helps one wind down from the troubles of one’s activities during the day.

Singing the cheshta at night is a very daunting niyam especially for primarily English-speaking satsangis. However, when we understand the meaning of each word, we will realize the greatness of Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s divine actions as written by His paramhansas in poetic form.

To aid in understanding the meaning of the cheshta, to help satsangis memorize the words so that they can make singing a part of their daily routine, these pages have been created to fulfill that goal.

These pages give word-for-word meaning, along with the purported full meaning of the verses. The translation has been provided by the student sadhus of BAPS residing at Sarangpur, which they created to help them learn the cheshta by heart. The Foreword was written by them and has been presented here so you can understand the history and importance of singing the cheshta.

I hope these pages serve as an inspiration to all visitors of Anirdesh to learn the cheshta and fill their life with bhakti to Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

Lastly, although these pages can be viewed on your mobile device, due to the length of the verses and presentation of the transliteration and the translation, some verses may scroll off the screen space horizontally. Since these pages are meant to aid in learning the meaning rather that using the words to sing it daily, I hope this is a small inconvenience for mobile users. The goal, after all, is to memorize it so that these pages will not be necessary!

If you simply want to sing it without the translation, the plain words, along with the audio, are still available here: Cheshta.