Harikrishna Text to English Transliteration

I'm proud to present you with my non-Unicode text to Unicode text converter that works with Harikrishna-like fonts (see list below). Enter your text in the text box and click convert for your result in Unicode. Please report bugs to me.

If you have the font installed, you will see ‘a(nd[<S g&jrit)’ in the text box below; otherwise, you'll see ‘a(nd[<S g&jrit)’.

Note: Sugam and Harikrishna are almost identical, except for a few characters that are different in Sugam. If you see this symbol, AV Dept, instead of 'ક્ર' you may have Sugam text instead of Harikrishna. If so, select Sugam in "Font" selection below before doing the conversion.

Harikrishna to English Transliterator

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You output will be displayed here. The fonts that share the Harikrishna template include: Harikrishna, Sugam, Hari, Amish, Amrut, Ankit, Avinash, Fancy, Ghanshyam, Mangalam, Muni, Murti, Najuk, Nil, Virat, Nilkanth, Pragji, Suhrad, Sunidhi, Vihung, Vijay, Virag, ViragB, Yogi, Narayan (Hindi), Sarjudas (Hindi), and Uttam (Hindi).