Harikrishna Font Template and Nilkanth Font Template

I get many visitors searching for a template for the Harikrishna font or the Nilkanth font. I have created this page that shows all the characters in the Harikrishna or Nilkanth font table. There are actually 28 fonts that share this character map (see below).

Harikrishna Font Keyboard Map

The following two images show the characters that are assigned to the normal state and Shift state on the keyboard.

Image 1: Harikrishna Keyboard Layout - Normal State
Harikrishna Keyboard Layout Normal State

Image 2: Harikrishna Keyboard Layout - Shift State
Harikrishna Keyboard Layout Shift State

The next 2 images show the Gujarati consonants in sequence and the English key that corresponds to the consonant.

Table 1: Harikrishna Full Consonants
Harikrishna Full Consonants

Table 2: Miscellaneous Characters
Harikrishna Miscellaneous Consonants

Special Characters

Most of these special characters are not assinged the basic keys. These special characters are inserted by holding the 'Alt' key, then typing 0 + XXX, where XXX is the character code. For example, to type half M, hold 'Alt', then type 0192.

Table 3: Half consonants
Harikrishna Half Consonants

Table 4: Conjuncts and Other Characters

Table 5: Accents and Punctuations
Gujarati Harikrishna Accents and Punctuations

There are 28 fonts that share this template: Harikrishna, Sugam, Hari, Amish, Amrut, Ankit, Avinash, Fancy, Ghanshyam, Mangalam, Muni, Murti, Najuk, Nil, Virat, Nilkanth, Pragji, Suhrad, Sunidhi, Vihung, Vijay, Virag, ViragB, Yogi, Narayan (Hindi), Sarjudas (Hindi), and Uttam (Hindi).