Onscreen Keyboards for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

Both Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X come with onscreen keyboards that are part of the accessibility features. However, they can be helpful even for people without disability because it allows you to find a character whose key you may have forgotten. Rather than finding the keyboard layout on the Internet or relying on a printed copy of the keyboard layout, you can simply run the onscreen keyboard to show the keyboard layout.

Windows 7 and Mac OS X have the onscreen keyboard program installed by default. In Windows XP, you may need to install it if you can't find it. The steps are shown below.

How to Install the Onscreen Keyboard on Microsoft Windows XP

In Windows, you can type OSK in the Run box and the onscreen keyboard comes up. If it does not, follow the steps below to install it. Your installation CD may be required.

  1. First, open Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel.
    Onscreen Keyboard
  2. Next, click on Add/Remove Windows Components.
    Onscreen Keyboard
  3. Next, click on Accessories and Utilities and click Details....
    Onscreen Keyboard
  4. Lastly, check Accessibility Wizard and let Windows install the accessibility features.
    Onscreen Keyboard

Once it's installed, you can type OSK in Run box or search for its shortcut in the Start menu in Accessories. Note that in order to see the Gujarati Phonetic map, you will need to change to that keyboard layout in language bar.

How to Access the Onscreen Keyboard in Mac OS X

To show the onscreen keyboard in Mac OS X, simply click on the language icon in the top notification bar, then click on Show Show Keyboard Viewer.

Onscreen Keyboard for Mac